Article Round-Up: May 6-12

Time for a drink? Mouth spray gives you that instant drunken feeling – but it lasts for just a few seconds – Why on Earth would they make this?! What is the point?!

54 Unexpected Ways to Hack Your Health – Shave with peanut butter, shampoo your hair with beer, eliminate gym bag and shoe odors with coffee filters, and many more life and health hacks.

When did complete “rest” become a viable option? – When you’re injured, many times the doctor will tell you to just “rest”. But that does not necessarily mean absolutely total rest (exceptions apply). Whether you’re in crutches, a knee brace, or a wheelchair, you can still train the other parts of your body and stay fit while healing.

Full-body Strength Training or Body part Splits? – For the majority of the population (i.e. not a bodybuilder), full-body strength training 3x a week will probably be the best, most efficient, and most effective choice. Body part splits are very popular among bodybuilders, where they working only 1-2 muscle groups a day 4-6x a week.

How to prep for a Photoshoot (or BIG Day) – One day, if I can get myself to the point where I’m like “Hey, I worked hard to get to this point, I look really good, and I want to document this hard work” then I will probably choose to do a photoshoot (vs. a competition). On a cursory view, this seems like a simple and do-able plan that gives you a week of prep for the big day!

Hard Ab Training – Let’s face it, who isn’t looking for fabulous core strength? This article is jam-packed with exercises to strengthen your abdominals. Your abs, hips, groin, and lower back all work together to make up your core strength. In only 6-10 minutes your abs will be fried.


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