Article Round-Up: May 13-19

Want to be a Personal Trainer or Strength Coach? Start Here – It’s no secret that I’m passionate about fitness, and that I’ve even toyed with the idea of becoming a personal trainer and earning a certification or two. But, I didn’t rush into it. Through my internship at State of Fitness, I learned a lot about the personal training and fitness industry. I loved my time there, but it made me realize that I do not have anywhere near the amount of knowledge and/or personal drive, dedication, and determination for just the fitness side of the industry. I love nutrition, and I still want to become a sports nutritionist and maybe even work in a gym as a registered dietitian for clients to come to, but I do not think that I want to become anything more than a fitness enthusiast who loves to work out and follow OTHER people’s programs, not my own.

Bring back butter… and cheese, red meat and whole milk! How our low-fat obsession may harm our health, says nutritionist – Nutritionist Zoe Harcome advocates for the need to eat more fat (even saturated fat). Don’t get too excited now! She’s not talking about from those chips and fried foods, but from sources like fresh meats and dairy. Why? Fat helps you absorb vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are the fat-soluble vitamins and need fat in the bloodstream in order to be transported around the body. Fat supplies energy and it also plays a role in creating the outer layer of all our cells. Eating a lot of fat is not necessarily a bad thing! Look at France, Austria, and Switzerland. They all have high fat intakes, but their rates of heart disease deaths are lower than in the US. Eating fat does not make you fat.

Lift Big Eat Big – On their Facebook page, heavy-lifting participants send in a photo and are contrasted with the standard model body type… wearing the same articles of clothing. This is NOT to rag on skinny people. There is a difference between naturally skinny and strong/fit and a person who goes to unhealthy lengths in order to maintain a job in the modeling industry. The average model weighs 23% less than the average woman and a size 6 is considered plus size. Well, then I guess I’m straight up OBESE in the fashion world.

The 10 Things Fitness Magazines Won’t Tell You – “Life is a game of RESPECT, and I try to pay mine daily.” Fitness magazines, and I think that publications in general really, tend to overemphasize things for the sake of selling more papers/magazines/books/etc. People like the in-your-face, out-of-this-world experience and it’s always the outstanding person/study that gets put at the forefront. People like emotion. People like absolutes. If you do X then you will lose 10 pounds in a week. Substance Y cures cancer. There may be nuggets of truth involved, but nothing is a magic pill. Hard work is shown by hard work.

The Illusion of Invincibility – What percentage of performance is mental and what percentage or your preparation is targeted toward improving mental performance? If you’ve ever been in the last minutes of a competition, feeling exhausted and like you’ve got nothing left to give, then you know the importance of mental toughness. Any marathon runner can tell you that. When your mind is stronger than your body is tired, is there really an end to what you can accomplish?


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