Article Round-Up: May 20-26

Text Messages Make Us More Truthful, Study Suggests – Not health/fitness/nutrition related, but interesting all the same! There are definitely things that I’ve said to people through text message that I probably wouldn’t have the courage to say to them in real life (face-to-face).

9 Ways to Create Daily Bliss – I’ve only started reading/following DAMY Health recently, but I think that she’s worth a read. For many, healthy means happy, and happiness is available to all of us if we try and incorporate it into our everyday lives.

How Exercise Can Affect A Woman’s Menstrual Cycle – “Train hard, but train smart!  If your body is telling you something, listen to it!”

Nutritional differences between men and women – Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. If you’ve ever asked yourself if there are differences between men and women (besides the obvious), then here are some answers! Women have a higher body fat percentage, lower calorie needs (due to less muscle mass), need less protein, more iron, and metabolize alcohol at a different rate than men.

20 of the Smartest Fitness Trainers You Might Not Know – I’m so proud of myself that I actually know a good majority of these names! I’ve been listening a lot to The Fit Cast on iTunes and they have a lot of these people on to talk.


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