Article Round-Up: June 17 – 23

Look Like Barbie, Lift Like Ken – A Miss Bikini Universe competitor employed Ben Bruno (another name you should know) to help her get ready for her competition just 12 weeks out. Megan Graham is seriously stunning AND seriously STRONG. She definitely earned her 3rd place finish. Check out this tiny bad@$$.

10 Tips for Finding Your Happy Place – Don’t “if only” yourself into misery! If you find yourself thinking “if only I were a size 2, I’d be happy”, “if only I had more money, I’d be happy”, “if only I found a boy/girlfriend, I’d be happy”, etc. then will you ever truly be happy? Stop looking outside of yourself and start looking inside of yourself to find your happy place and be on your way to finding true happiness.

Female Phase Training: Training with the menstrual cycle – No, I don’t mean “Can you train on your period?” (seriously, I’ve seen this question so many times it’s not even funny. really people? do you think a little hormonal shift is going to keep us strong females from our workouts?). ME looks at how the differing levels of hormones during a woman’s cycle may be able to help them train for fat loss better, taking in to consideration both changing macronutrient ratios and types of workouts. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t apply to those who take BCP, but it’s a good theory I think and interesting to read about! I’d like to see how this develops over time.


One thought on “Article Round-Up: June 17 – 23

  1. The happy place article was nice to read, even though I’ve heard a few of the suggestions already. I think the one that bothered me most was #9; see, we can let go of those expectations but unfortunately a lot of them are ingrained into our culture and society and it’s much easier said than done. We can try as we might but often times we end up face-to-face with that person who reinforces those expectations and our work seems to be for naught.

    In any case, the 10 minutes of quiet time help out loads and I’ve been taking about 30-60 at night to lay in bed with a book and read. I guess if you can’t do one of the tips, work on the other ones you can? 🙂

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