Fudder Mucker


It’s official. I am one Tough Mudder. Say “hello” to the mighty mighty Swole Mates. We are few in number but large in spirit, enthusiasm, and drive. These fellas I had actually never met before that day, although we did get put onto a team together on Facebook through mutual friends. I don’t know if I could have gotten through all of the 20 obstacles and 12 miles without their support. Literally and figuratively.


We ran Tough Mudder Michigan on the first day, Saturday. It began raining right when we were getting our pep talk before the starting gun. The first half of the race was all in rain, and it increased the muddiness of the event immensely. I don’t think that they mean for the ENTIRE course to be muddy when they call it a Tough Mudder, but it was. It slowed a lot of people down and resulted in many people getting calf cramps. The guys were both having trouble coping with the distance combined with the mud, but I was fine. I walked when they needed to walk. We were finishing together.


Let me tell ya, I smiled throughout the entire race. Through the army crawls under barbed wire, through underground tunnels, and through underwater tunnels. Through jumping off the highest platform of my life, having my heart stopped by freezing water, and getting electrocuted in the forehead. Through the sunburn, the bruises, and the scrapes. I smiled. I laughed. I had an amazing time.


One of the guys’ girlfriend came along and took pictures at several of the spectator positions, which are all of the pictures that you see here. I should be getting official pictures sometimes this week. I can’t wait to see what kind of faces they caught me making! Especially since I don’t remember seeing the photographers.


I don’t even like beer, but, damn if I didn’t drink my free celebratory Dos Equis lager. Well, most of it anyway.


I got dirt and water in every crevice of my body, and I couldn’t be happier. This was truly a great experience. Yes, it was outside of my comfort zone, and I wish that I had enough upper-body strength to have been able to complete some of the obstacles without any help. But that’s one of the beautiful things about Tough Mudder. There is such camaraderie, everyone is on the same team and willing to help. People of all ages and fitness levels are Mudders.

Will I ever do another one? It’s too soon to tell. Maybe given the right teammates and location. But for now, I’m okay with not getting electrocuted again for awhile.



3 thoughts on “Fudder Mucker

  1. Congrats, Eileen!

    I am terrified of doing one!! I just did the Dirty Girl mud run, which was super fun; only a 5k and full of non-electrocuting obstacles..

    Do you think you being a runner made it easier? Or it is mostly a combination run/strength?

    • I think that being well conditioned for endurance running DEFINITELY helped. I only ran once a week, my long run. And the furthest I ran was 9 miles, so the 12 miles during the race was the furthest that I’ve ran since my last half marathon in October. I have been working hard on increasing my strength, but even the guys I ran with agreed that Tough Mudder has very few actual strength elements. I got a boost over the high walls for the most part, but other than being able to maybe do a pull-up or muscle-up, you only needed to be able to do a buddy carry and carry a log (with the help of your team, not hard). The guys were DYING from the running and most of the people I saw who were sitting down and giving up was because of the distance, not the obstacles.

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