Well, I did it. 300+ miles and 5 hours later I have officially arrived to stay in Illinois.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days. I had my last day at the independent living home on Sunday and was on the road Monday morning. Once I got here I headed straight to campus to finish filling out paperwork for my new job at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Then I headed to the NIU Bookstore and picked up my first Huskie spirit apparel. I need to adding some red and white into my Spartan wardrobe!

NIU Spirit

I spent the night at the hotel (yes, I’m staying in a hotel until Saturday when I will be allowed to move in to my new apartment and my family is driving down with all of my furniture) trying to unpack what I’ll need for the next 5 days and trying to figure out what all I still need to do before classes start next Monday.

Today, I woke up bright and early to shower and get ready so that I could be at the ID office when it opened to take my picture and get my student ID. Then I went straight to the student rec center to use that ID so that I could get a workout, haha typical. The staff were super nice and even gave me a full tour/orientation when I asked for one. This place is so beyond everything that I’ve been used to up until now. About to be taking my workouts to the next level, yo. Afterwards I went back to the hotel for a hot second to pick up my laptop and went to the library so that I could get on the internet (I was having trouble getting on the hotel’s wifi, it’s fine now). I needed to check on a lot of things and trying to do everything on an iPhone is just way too difficult.

I also picked up some food to eat for the week that I could keep in my hotel room. That der hotel life isn’t easy without a microwave and with just a mini fridge. I got to meet 2 out of 3 of my new roommates and pick up the keys to my apartment. I think that we’ll get along really well this year! I ended the day with a little cardio at the hotel fitness center since I felt like I had a lot of energy and I didn’t really have anything better to do. Plus I like using that time to read (I’m working my way through The Handmaid’s Tale, so good!).

Now that I’m actually at school I am feeling more at ease with everything. I had an actual To-Do list going that has tangible steps rather than just the big, blurry picture that it was a couple of months ago. I have meetings the next 3 days for school and my Graduate Assistantship, so looks like the crazy busyness will be continuing. I guess this is a good thing because Lord knows I don’t want to be spending my life in this hotel room.

By the way, the side door to one of the more popular bars in town is literally right outside of my window in the hotel room. I got to watch them bringing in cases of beer while I was getting ready this morning and could probably have high-fived the delivery men if my window were open. Yeah, that close. Who decided that buildings should be this close together?!

On a more somber note, I guess that I am now officially a member of the LDR crew. We’re both committed to making this work as he finishes his final year at State and I’m here in Illinois. When we thought about it, this would be even easier than if/when he gets deployed for the Army. If you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it work.

Anyway, I hope to be able to fill you guys in more with how grad school and my dietetic internship goes this year and for the next 2.5!

Anyone else out there in a long-distance relationship? How do you keep it working?

Anyone else getting ready for the new school year to start?



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