Unleashed, Untamed, Unalterable, Unbreakable


I have exciting news, guys!

You’re looking at the newest promoter for Top Shelf Supplements!photo 2This place is seriously the-bomb.com.

ALL of your favorite supplements at terrific prices. Whatever your favorite brand is, it’s there. Cellucor, Optimum Nutrition, Gaspari , BSN. And all of your favorite products: C4, Quest bars, ON Amino Energy, Isopure,  Syntha-6. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find whatever great product you’re looking for to help drive your fitness goals.


Not only do they have storefronts in Illinois, but they also have an online store that will ship anywhere in the United States.

Have questions on supplements? Never fear! They are all over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help!

And the best part?


Enter my promo code and get 5% off of your order! Special offer code: topshelf


So what are you waiting for? These prices really can’t be beat.

I feel so blessed to have a location right on campus! This is sure to become one of my favorite stores in town while I’m here for school, and wherever I end up after graduation!

Top Shelf Supplements



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