Day 1, Day 1, Start Over Again

And this is exactly the mindset that I plan on going into this summer with. Today was Day 1 on my new 12-week transformation program designed by and purchased through trainer James Wilson.

Yesterday, I took my measurements and my “before” pictures. Now, I’m no expert on taking body measurements, especially since I have to do them on myself. Ditto with the progress pictures. I rely on a self-timer and beg that I can find a surface high and flat enough to pose my camera on.

So, here are my befores:

Now, by no means do I think that I have a bad body, but like most any other person in the world I feel like I have areas that I could, and probably should, work on. For me, that has always been wishing my upper legs and my stomach to be smaller, and wanting my chest and butt to be bigger. Yes, I have flat butt syndrome and it isn’t cute.

I plan on checking in and taking new progress pictures and measurements every 3 weeks until I finish the program on July 22, which will only overlap with my half marathon training for 2 weeks.

At this weight, I’m supposed to be eating 1680 kcal on rest days and 1680 + whatever I burn on workout days for fat loss/muscle gain. For example, here was my burn today:

So, today I would eat 1680 + 360 = 2040 kcal. Broken up into 6 meals plus a pre/post workout snack. If you want to see what I’m eating, you can become my friend on MyFitnessPal here. The 1680 is only an estimate. I will be doing a real 24-hour HRM test on my rest day Saturday so that I can get a more accurate number.

Oh, and what’s this? Why, yes, it would be a new heart rate monitor. I needed/wanted a  new one since the HRM that comes with my Garmin only works for running outdoors since your calorie burn is based on how far you run rather than on your heart rate alone. So, I did a lot of searching and decided on the Polar FT40. I already love it and I only got it in the mail yesterday! It’s super light and the strap is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. Plus, it’s white and pink, you have to love that fact. The chest strap I also found to be more comfortable than the one on the Garmin.

Yeah, I know that I have dainty little wrists, thanks.

The workouts are structured like this:

For the first 3 weeks, you do a warm-up of incline walking to get your heart rate up. Then, you do one circuit which is made up of 5-10 exercises for 3 sets followed by sprints and a cool down. You only lift 4 days a week, 2 days of multi-joint and 2 days of single-joint exercises.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys!


Self-Limiting #1

Of course, do weights to your own ability and skill level.

I took my time and finished this entire workout in just 45 minutes.