Know Your Enemy: Sugar

It’s no secret: I LOVE SUGAR. Chocolate, ice-cream, cookies, cake, fruit, candy… you name it, I probably want it right then and there.

However, it has become blatantly obvious to me in the past week or two that I have a real problem. I’m a sugar addict. I crave sugar a good majority of the time, and I usually give in, and thus make myself want more. There is no “just a bite”. If you give me an inch, I take a mile.

Now, when I say “sugar” here, I mean fructose. What people usually mean when they mention sugar is actually a combination of glucose and fructose (2 of the 3 simple sugars, the other being galactose found in dairy products). Now, how do I know that it’s not GLUCOSE that I have a problem with?

Simple, I don’t ever crave things like bread, rice, pasta, etc. In fact, I never want pasta any more. These forms of carbohydrates are primarily glucose. But, put a slice of cake (glucose + fructose) in front of my face (especially if it has an inch of frosting on top) and I’ll want it like crazy AND go back for thirds.

So, I have finally made the decision that I have known, yet sort of dreaded that I knew, that I needed to make. I need to go fructose-free… to a certain extent.

I do not eat much fruit now, but I’d be going against my own tenants if I refused to eat fruits (and some vegetables) because they have natural sugars in them. I don’t really eat fruit anyway, but I will sometimes have a few blueberries in my morning oatmeal on workout days. But, I never crave them.

Your body does not need fructose to survive. Glucose, yes, because that is the fuel source that your brain utilizes to function, but not fructose itself.

I feel like I sound like I’m rambling now, but it’s something that’s been weighing on my mind and really made me think for the past several weeks, especially over the past week.

Related, but oh so different in the human body.

On a separate, but also somewhat related note and another topic that I’ve been trying to avoid for the past year or so, is that I think that I need to try experimenting with FODMAPs as well. Now, that’s another blog post completely on its own, but I will also be experimenting with eliminating FODMAPs foods from my diet, one component of which is fructose and fructan. This may also relate to why my body feels so crappy when I give in to my fructose cravings.

I’ll let you know how it all goes, and hope to write another blog post about it sometime this week if I can find the time, but for a quick reference I recommend Cassandra Forsythe. I’ve recently gotten into listening to the FitCast podcasts and she is frequently interviewed or cited as well as being the nutrition writer for The New Rules of Lifting for Women.


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The Way to Be: Gluten-Free!

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