Make Your Own Greek Yogurt

Love Greek yogurt but hate the price tag that’s usually associated with it? Well I’ve got the solution right here! Here’s all you need to do to make your own Greek yogurt, and it couldn’t be easier.

1. Get a container of regular yogurt. I chose Plain yogurt (full fat).

2. Place a strainer in a large bowl. Put in a piece of paper towel (or coffee filter) large enough to cover all of the holes. Empty your yogurt into the strainer.

3. Place plastic wrap over the entire thing and place in the refrigerator or 8-10 hours or overnight.

4. Take out, empty into a container and enjoy super thick and delicious Greek yogurt!

(5. Discard the drippings.)

Anything to save a few bucks at the grocery store every week, right guys?

Let me know if you try this! I assume it can be done with any kind of yogurt or any flavor.



My mind is pretty strong with the physical side of my life, but I’m working on getting it stronger in other areas of my life too. Will power ahoy!

Article Round-Up: June 17 – 23

Look Like Barbie, Lift Like Ken – A Miss Bikini Universe competitor employed Ben Bruno (another name you should know) to help her get ready for her competition just 12 weeks out. Megan Graham is seriously stunning AND seriously STRONG. She definitely earned her 3rd place finish. Check out this tiny bad@$$.

10 Tips for Finding Your Happy Place – Don’t “if only” yourself into misery! If you find yourself thinking “if only I were a size 2, I’d be happy”, “if only I had more money, I’d be happy”, “if only I found a boy/girlfriend, I’d be happy”, etc. then will you ever truly be happy? Stop looking outside of yourself and start looking inside of yourself to find your happy place and be on your way to finding true happiness.

Female Phase Training: Training with the menstrual cycle – No, I don’t mean “Can you train on your period?” (seriously, I’ve seen this question so many times it’s not even funny. really people? do you think a little hormonal shift is going to keep us strong females from our workouts?). ME looks at how the differing levels of hormones during a woman’s cycle may be able to help them train for fat loss better, taking in to consideration both changing macronutrient ratios and types of workouts. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t apply to those who take BCP, but it’s a good theory I think and interesting to read about! I’d like to see how this develops over time.

Breakdown in order to Break Through

“You have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough.”

That has been my motto since last Tuesday.

I’ll admit it, I have been really stressed out so far this summer, especially with my boyfriend L so far away. A texting/online relationship is just not enough for me. So, I’ve definitely had a few more sweets than I normally would and a few more nights out than I probably should, even for a “college student in my prime”.

Long story short, I’ve been struggling pretty badly with my self esteem for the past few weeks. I try and hide it, but it’s definitely there every morning when I get dressed and every evening when I get myself ready for bed.

I finally just hit a breaking point and ending up pouring my soul out to L and I’m so glad that I did. I felt a renewed sense of love and support from him and the other members of the James Wilson Facebook group.

After that night of breaking down and crying, I am now working on building myself back up again. I have a new dedication to James’ program and plan to take the last 4 weeks by storm and I just have to make it another 12 days before I get to see L in New Jersey for 10 whole days.

This summer may not be going according to how I had wanted it to go, but I know that in the end it will all be for the better.

Article Round-Up: June 10 – 16

Roman’s Rules for Macronutrient Combination – John Romaniello is a funny, in-your-face fitness writer. Going off the teachings of John Berardi (if you don’t know who that is, look him up, he’s a name you should know if you’re in to fitness nutrition. so it is written, so it shall be done), Roman believes that fat and protein should never be combined in meals (less than 10 grams of it isn’t “allowed” at a meal). So, you should be either eating carbs with protein, or carbs with fat. Read his argument here.

Regular Exercisers Earn Nine Percent Higher Pay Than Those Who Don’t – Those who exercise regularly were found to get paid more than those who do not. Which correlation does not equal causation, some of the data is pretty promising. Even those who were good workers to begin with, but did not work out, started to earn more once they became regular exercisers.

Blue Steel and the Hero’s Journey – Another Roman article. I love the movie Zoolander, so obviously this article needed to be added to the list this week. Orange mocha frappuccinos anyone?

Coach’s Choice: Top 6 Exercises for the Pros – Advice from an MMA fighter coach on his favorite exercises and training schedule. Even the pros shouldn’t train 6-7 days a week, says Coach Van Arsdale. The body needs to rest. And his workouts for his athletes are only a little over an hour each!