Welcome to another WIAW post!

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and advice in yesterday’s post. It was really hard for me to write. I like to appear strong and held-together to the world, but I’m really still a pretty broken person, but I’m getting repaired little by little. It’s a renovation and, outside of extreme-makeover shows, that takes time to get right.

Okay, so this was actually Monday’s (Memorial Day’s) breakfast since I didn’t have class or work, but since I wrote about something much more important to me yesterday, it never got to be posted. But these pancakes are seriously too epic and fantastic for me to let fall to the way-side. (PLEASE pardon the fact that you can clearly see a cat hair front and center, I picked it off before I ate these but honestly it doesn’t even phase me anymore.)

Get this… these are gluten-free. I used brown rice flour and added in some xanthan gum and a flax egg. No special mix-ins other than that; these were just plain, cinnamon pancakes. And they were fanTAStic. With the Crofter’s Superfruit spread and a little maple syrup on top and I was in pancake heaven, especially given that I haven’t made any in about two or three weeks. Perfecto!

Okay, back to my actual eats for the day. After my Kinesiology class, which was spent under the unrelenting sun which has now turned my skin a shade or two darker, I ate a nectarine (plums are apparently out of season now, sad face) and some trail mix while in my Spanish class.

I did really well on my first exam! Later this week I have to give a presentation, and my speech skills are sub-par, so I guess yay for getting more public speaking experience?

Between class and work, I noshed on a banana and dipped some carrots in a red-pepper-hummus-and-salsa mixture. Then at work I had a cinnamon-raisin bagel thin with tofurkey, rice-milk cheese, and spinach.

After my workout (Jillian’s BFBM DVD, which I hadn’t done in a few weeks and only did because it was far too hot to run outside), I had a big protein smoothie.

Spirutein Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl protein powder, blended with soymilk and spinach and topped with sweet potato puffs, buckwheat groats, mini vegan chocolate chips, and a little granola.

I was not a fan of this flavor. Just sniffing the powder when I opened the packet I could tell that no flavor resembling either chocolate or peanut butter was going to be in this smoothie. But, I bought it, so I’m going to eat it, and indeed I did! But I will never be purchasing this particular flavor ever again.

Dessert was cinnamon-sugar almonds (from my blogger exchange) and a pink lady apple sprinkled with cinnamon. Oh, cinnamon, how I do adore thee, oh mightiest of spices.


Tune in tomorrow to see who won my giveaway!


16 thoughts on “WIAW XIX

  1. i WANT your Crofter’s spread, it always makes my mouth water whenever you put up a picture of it. It looks like the kind of thing I could fall in love with … 🙂
    The pancakes are amazing too of course. And hell yes for pink ladys ! Just came into season here and I cannot get enough of the sweet cinnamon combo ! love your work x

  2. I just read your previous post. I’m so proud of you for knowing enough about yourself to be honest about what you’re struggling with. It shows tremendous strength that you know where you are and where you need/want to be.
    that said, I think intuitive eating is really hard. After restricting, finding a balance is pretty difficult. It can be a challenge to wait until the next meal or to even make yourself eat it and stop when you’re full. I’m working on this too.
    But if you keep making things like those pancakes, I’m sure you’ll be doing well in no time. Keep it up and keep up the honesty, I find that it helps on every level 🙂

  3. Those pancakes look fabulous! I am craving pancakes, but tomorrow I am going to have to settle for overnight oats. I have to get up early 😦

  4. bahahahahaha! Let me just confess that their is cat hair in EVERYTING I eat! It even follows my husband and I to restaurants and friends houses b/c we always have cat hair on our clothes, in our hair, and on our hands… I eat pounds of the stuff…. FML 😉

  5. Amazing pancakes!! and apple with cinnamon is my fave snack ever 🙂
    Glad you did well on that first exam! Good luck with other school work:)

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